1. this post gave me ebola

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a happy ghost for you to drag around your dashboard


    a happy ghost for you to drag around your dashboard

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    Let’s play Burn Read Rewrite. 
    It’s like Kill Fuck Marry, but with  books. 
    Put three books in my ask. 

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    there is nothing theoretical about the cold blood in that flows through Stephen Hawking

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    18 Puns That Are So Bad, They’re Good

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    why did i make this

    way to finally post this

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    i really want to dye a little bit o my hair teal. 

    I’ll do it!!!look at my old selfies I’ve dyed and bleached hair before :))))

    let’s do it! I have a bathroom! 


    yes teal is the best color

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  9. So I wrote a thing

    It’s called “The Rift: Virtually Reality”. It’s a short story I originally wrote for my SciFi/Satire class. I want to eventually expand it into a whole story but I recently found out Ernest Cline already wrote something similar called “Ready Player One” so I figured I would just put mine on the internet. Enjoy tumblr people!

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    "FBI and every Missouri safety official meeting 2-3 times weekly to prep for riots"

    Shaun King has found out the Military/National Guard are doing secret drills to shut down protesting that will come after Darren Wilson is not indicted.

    They are also planning on shutting down the airports.

    If you haven’t seen Shaun King’s first posts here is the link.

    (FireChat download for Android)

    (FireChat download for iPhone)


    Are we ready?

    Here we go.

    There’s no such thing as fear mongering, only looking at the facts as they exist or ignoring shit you know is true

    This makes me ache all over. 

    This is a bad country for allowing this to happen and watching this unfold.

    I doubt anyone will actually read this or care or w/e but as someone who lives in basically the center of this area (olivette’s motto is “in the center of it all”) I’m really fucking scared. I’m scared for myself, I’m scared for my friends, and I’m scared for my family. I’m also scared for everyone else in the St. Louis area because if this shit goes south we’re all in a heap of fucking trouble. I don’t want to have to hide in my basement while people riot around me, fearing that someone might break in. I don’t want to fear leaving the house just to go for a walk or to get some sodas from CVS. Maybe there won’t be riots, maybe I won’t have to be afraid, but the possibility frightens me more than anything.

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    deleting this later but sharing for now

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  12. new url, new theme, new fuck you

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    people don’t know where stl is

    so i say i live by ferguson

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  14. Tom Haverford going “Nooooo!”: A Supercut

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    Best Tumblr Responses 

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